Here are some reviews from pupils that have passed with me:

Aaron from Ossett - 8/10/13
Started learning with Mark in February then took my test in September, failed with one minor and one serious, so i retook my test on october 8th due to Mark luckily finding me a cancellation, i then passed second time with no minors. A great instructor, and definately get more than what you pay for within a lesson.

Fengi from China - 7/10/13
Passed third time lucky, Thank you so much.

Jack from Thornhill - 27/09/13
Cheers Mark, thanks for helping me pass first time!

Jaye from Ossett - 12/09/13
Passed at Heckmondwike, thank you so much for helping me pass my test, i passed first time. You're brilliant. Thanks again

Jack from Gawthorpe - 5/09/13
Thank you for helping me pass my test with 1 minor; really easy to speak to and understand, I would recommend you to anyone who needs help passing their test.

Billy from Staincliffe - 8/08/13
After failing my test three times, i passed my test with him on my first attempt, thanks Mark.

Joe from Ossett - 18/07/13
Passed first time at heckmondwike, thanks Mark.

Aaron from Mirfield - 15/07/13
Cheers Mark, all the best.

Teresa from Spenborough - 12/07/13
I Had two driving instructors before Mark, he put me at ease and changed my life. thank you!

Jonah from Thornhill Lees - 25/06/13
Passed first time with Mark. You're fantastic. Cheers Mark.

Gavin from Cleckheaton - 19/06/13
Passed first time at Heckmondwike, Thanks a lot Mark for passing not only myself but my wife aswell!

Ryan from Ossett - 13/06/13
Passed first time at Wakefield, Thanks again for everything Mark, i will definitely pass your number on.

Chris from Ossett - 22/05/13
Passed from Heckmondwike first time. Thank you for helping me pass my driving test, wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

Patrick from Ossett - 08/05/13
Passed at Wakefield. Cheers Mark, i know i made it hard work, but i passed first time.

Josh from Ossett - 15/03/13
Passed second time with Mark, Thanks Mark all the best!

Jack from Hartshead - 30/01/13
Passed at Heckmondwike with one minor.

Waseem from Westborough - 29/01/13
Thanks for everything Mark, I can't believe it! I passed from scratch with five weeks - fast pass course!

Liam from Batley - 20/12/2012
Just like to say a big thanks Mark. It's been a long time coming and i've finally passed my test. Thanks for all your help, i passed first time with 2 minors and now the sky is the limit. Thank you!

Joseph from Thornhill - 18/12/2012
My sister Amy passed with Mark earlier in the year and she suggested to go with Mark. I did and I passed first time with 3 minors!

Phil from Cleckheaton - 17/12/2012
Had a very good whilst learning to drive with Mark. He's very patient and has a lot of really good techniques to help you to learn. I really did enjoy the experience and I would recommend him to anyone. passed first time with 6 minors.

Natalie from Smithymoor - 10/12/2012
Passed first time, came back with one minor in under 30 lessons with Mark. Thanks for an enjoyable time.

Shimak from Iran - 17/10/12
Top instructor, number one! passed first time. I feel on top of the world! Thank you Mark, you are the best!

Faisal from Heckmondwike - 11/10/12
Passed first time with mark, excellent instructor, very friendly, had a great laugh. Thank you so much for everything, I really appreciate it.

Helen from Thornhill - 9/10/2012
Passed second time in Heckmondwike. Thanks Helen!

Dan from Heckmondwike - 8/10/2012
Thank you for a great time helping me improve my driving skills and confidence, been such a pleasure and had so much fun. Top instuctor! I would recommend you to anyone; passed first time with only one minor!

Blythe from Ossett - 27/09/2012
Thank you for helping me pass first time, I love driving! thank you so much!

Scott from Thornhill - 26/09/2012
Passed first time! Thank you so much Mark.

Matty from Thornhill - 08/08/2012
After failing twice and some bad lesson arrangement from my old driving instructor, I decided to give Mark a call. He has 9 years experience in the business and puts you at ease when driving, which boosted my confidence tremendously on my overall third attempt. He is very relaxed and doesn't hesitate to tell you where you've gone wrong or could do better. Thanks very much Mark!

Nick from Chickenley - 26/07/2012
Cheers mate. Passed at Hecky first time, due to work commitments Mark was to take me out at all times of the day, even weekend nights! Cheers Mark.

Chris from Ossett - 20/07/2012
Mark's a top quality instructor, fun and easy to get along with, I'm so glad I chose Mark. Passed first time at Wakey!
Amy from Thornhill - 14/07/2012
Thanks for all your help Mark. I passed first time at Heckmondwike! It was a very enjoyable experience and you're great to get along with! Thanks again Mark.

Mandy from Thornhill - 05/07/2012
Thank you so much Mark. First time pass and i'm absolutely suited. I would recommend you to anyone!

Laura from Thornhill - 13/06/2012
Thank you Mark for all your help to pass my driving test at wakey; it's changed my life. I would recommend Mark 100%

Ben from Ossett - 12/06/2012
Cheers Mark, passed first time at Wakey and made the whole experience very enjoyable and easy to understand. Thanks alot Mark! You're number one!

Mark is a quality guy who puts you at ease. His teaching skills are second to none. He makes you believe in yourself 'that you can and will pass your test', and here i am after a long haul going from one driving instructor to another I have passed!!! Thanks a million Mark! Try him you won't be dissapointed!

Mason from Thornhill - 18/04/2012

I had two driving instructors before going with mark, he was fantastic and really helped me with my nerves! I started lessons in January and passed first time on the 11th April. Once again thanks Mark!

Claire from Westborough - 11/04/2012

Passed with Mark on my first attempt, best instructor i've ever had and i would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much for everything and best of luck for the future.

Nicola from Huddersfield - 02/04/2012